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I'll test YOU orally!

I just got back from my Japanese oral interview and my big-ass forehead is imprinted with my hand from repeated slapping. "!" Ouch. It didn't all really go that bad, until the end when I got it is my way. There were three parts to the test: Q&A, role play, and my own question. When it was my turn to pose a question to sensei (who sat there in the most smug little I-speak-this-language-fluently-and-you-don't-you-silly-nincompoop sort of way) I definitely asked her what she planned on memorizing next week, and she went, "Memorizing?" For those of you who don't know the language, the word for "memorize" is similar to the word for "teach." I immediately blanked and began to panic, just sitting in my chair repeating, "memorize? memorize? your plan? memorize?" Eventually I gave up and deferred to my test partner in very broken slang that I believe translates to, "Second after please go I maybe," which, despite what you may think, doesn't make sense in Japanese either.

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