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I just need to not talk sometimes.

So, first I had that Japanese test incident, and then later today, I got all stuttery too. There's a junior guy in the scene shop who's kinda (but not really) taken me under his wing in terms of building stuff because I am retarded. He has single-handedly taught me more than even my TD. Anyway, we both happened to leave the theatre at the same time, and we were walking quietly down the hall. I was holding the prop I had just finished for my tech class. Eventually, the silence just got too awkward for me.

"I built a box."

If anything in the history of language has been a verbal ejaculation, that was it. I built a box? Who the f*ck says things like that? And he just nodded and said, "Good." And by "good," he meant "why are you talking to me you box-building freak?" So I exited through a random door. And got lost.
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