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i am so bored

LJ Interests meme results

  1. black squirrels:
    Agh! This effing campus is alive with them! Aren't they rodents? Don't rodents hibernate or something? They should. If I was a squirrel, and all of a sudden it was 30 below, I'd say, "F*ck it. Wake me up when it's, like, 40."
  2. dean koontz:
    Some of his works are better than others, but I've never read anything of his I didn't like.
  3. eyebrows:
    Groomed mine today, in fact.
  4. hot dogs:
    Don't care what's in 'em, just that they're delicious.
  5. hot people:
    It is important in this world that a fair amount of people be good-looking for the visual pleasure of others--especially if they're twins. It's one thing if you see someone ugly walk by, and then you think, "Oh. They're ugly. That's too bad." But if that same ugly walks by right after...
  6. me gustas tu:
    Look up the song. Me gustas many other things recited, too.
  7. ordinary people:
    Judith Guest reference. Great story.
  8. seattle:
    Don't have much of a choice on this one.
  9. the oc:
    I cannot believe I have to wait until Nov. 5th for the next episode.
  10. theatre:
    I'm trying to quit. I really am.

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